Corporate Profile

Michel Consulting has developed out of the many years of experience I have gained in project management in both the automotive industry and with automotive suppliers.

Michel Consulting was established in 2001.

Since then Michel Consulting has been your competent, global partner for expert advice and support from the initial concept all the way to ongoing production. The combination of professional standards, personal commitment, straightforward, honest advice and reliability forms a strong foundation for successful cooperation in a spirit of genuine confidence – both today and in future.

Years of experience in Automotive and Aircraft Interiors, specifically as and in…

…and a highly efficient network of excellent contacts established over many years with numerous companies enables us to offer you optimum solutions also with the help of our partners.


-> Our objective is to make you satisfied

Our first and foremost commitment is to give you the best products and services tailored to your company.


Acting as external consultants, we support large industrial enterprises and medium-sized companies in all areas – also in training – in the process of profit-oriented implementation and in applying any changes and modifications required. Together with our partners we consistently upgrade our core compe-tences in dynamic corporate development.

Our primary focus is on people and their complex relationships within their working structures.

I have been working on the the efficient implementation of dynamic organisational processes and the optimum mobili-sation of human resources since 2001. For to analyse the many processes of interaction within existing structures, to check out the effects of the action taken and to develop processes for greater profit orientation, you must know the human mind – people’s attitude, their behaviour, their driving forces.


Who and what is Michel Consulting?

Michel Consulting is a consultant for clients seeking to optimise their operating results, strategies, processes, communication, customer orientation, quality, teams, projects, and self-management.

What is customer orientation?

First and foremost, customer orientation means re-orienting your personal attitude, the process of implementation, and communication within the company.


What is the approach of Michel Consulting?

The first step we take is to carefully analyse what the client has done so far and what results have been achieved.

The next step is to analyse the necessities arising for optimisation, the client’s current requirements, and which solutions are most suitable for effective imple-mentation within the company.

This analysis shows the lines of development – what has happened so far, what must be improved?

+/- analysis

The ideal solution follows automatically from the client and the consultant joining forces in studying and implementing the result of their analysis.

Our task is to develop the right concept for the future and to ensure efficient management of corporate functions and target processes.


My approach

CCC = Customer – Client – Consulting

We strictly apply the following principles: